Course Description

Hunter’s Creek Sports Park, 1500 N Star Rd, Star, ID 83669
Firebird Raceway, 8551 ID-16, Eagle, ID 83616
Distance:23.4 km
Elevation:180 m  / – 102 m
Max Grade
8.3 %
Avg. Grade
0.4 %

The Chrono Kristin Armstrong is a world-class individual time trial on a closed circuit starting at Hunter’s Creek Sports Park located in the scenic community of Star, Idaho (approximately 16 miles away from Boise, Idaho) and finishing on the Firebird Raceway, a well-known drag racing facility in Idaho. The athletes will conquer a point-to-point 23km course that includes rolling terrain, steep-pitched grades and long straightaways that will challenge their stamina and focus. The finish will take the riders onto the drag strip for a pass down Firebird Raceway, U-Turn at the end and then back the 1K ever so slight incline up the drag strip to the finish.

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